3CX Update 7 is out

3CX Update 7 is now out. The big update is the ability to integrate SMS. I think I only saw 3 companies as options. One of them was Twilio which is great for options but isn’t very price friendly.

The part I like is the ability to finely tune the caller ID. On the outbound rules you can specify the outbound caller ID on each trunk line.

I moved 2 of my clients to 3CX in 2020. So far I’m glad I have made the move.

Update Saturday!

It is update Saturday! More like Saturday night but I have a lot of servers that need new Linux kernels. I have 3CX servers begging for an upgrade. I have been also holding off on the v0.51 of Mail in a Box. I also upgraded my ghost blog to version 3.40.1. I have several WordPress sites that needs some updates pushed out but those will be done throughout the week. I have a lot.

One thing about updating; and it can be a drag, is the late time of the night. I can’t reboot some of the servers due to the potential of people using them. For instance I have 2 sites for a radio station. I really have to wait till well after midnight before no one is listening.

Unfortunately, I also have several Cyberoam routers in production. Yes, they have been Sophos for years but upgrading these small routers just was not worth the hassle. I saw there was an SQL injection issue. Same issue that plagued my Sophos routers. ARGH! For that reason I have started the process of learning OPNSense. I don’t see a point in pushing routers for these insane prices if they are going to be hit with all these security issues. I have some other posts coming up talking about my journey with OPNSense. This is going to take me months but I like what I have seen so far.

Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented. Cannot Send Emails from Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented is a really weird error. I came across this for the first time in Microsoft 365. The individual was unable to send emails. Her emails were stuck in the Outbox.

Now, I tried a few things like repairs and reinstalls and basically they all errored out. I think the solution was to delete the SRS file. My problem was the first time I looked for it I couldn’t find it. I was logged in as a domain user but the domain user had admin rights. It wasn’t until I logged in as the local administrator that I could see the SRS file.

You can find the file here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\

As I mentioned earlier Microsoft 365 wouldn’t reinstall without an error each time nor would it complete an online repair. I even manually removed all traces from the computer including the registry. When it did error out I could then go to Programs and Features and then run a local repair and that brought the icons back. It was very confusing.

VAVA Outdoor Home Wireless Security Cam Teardown

This is my first teardown article and it is on the VAVA Outdoor Home Wireless security camera. I had one die on me and I figured it would be cool to take it apart to see how it is made.

VAVA isn’t a name that many people know. I knew about VAVA from their bluetooth headsets and their customer service was outstanding. At the time I was looking for a wireless camera system.

I backed a two camera system through indiegogo back in what feels like two years ago. I don’t think there has been any kickstarter or indiegogo campaign that has shipped on time and this one was no different. This campaign was at or close to a year behind schedule. That part was a bit frustrating because I had planned to use these up North but in the end it worked out because this system would not have fit the project. I received my cameras I think at the end of November and I got them installed at the end of December. I had to get them shipped down to me on St Thomas.

When I first installed them they weren’t very useful. Lots of bugs. Suffice to say most of the bugs have been fixed. I still have a bug where I can’t always view my videos right away and it says my cameras are offline. I guess now I should say my camera since I am down to just one. The other big issue and I guess this one could be a deal breaker for many but VAVA and others always claim an unrealistic battery time. In this case VAVA said one year. Well, I think I get a month out of my camera. I continue to tweak the settings but it is what it is. Blink said the same thing and I have never gotten one camera to go a year.

This system is a battery powered outdoor camera system that uses it’s own hub. You can install your own sd card in the hub or you can use their cloud. The cloud storage was free. Then it wasn’t. Now I don’t know if they have it anymore or not. I never used it. Notifications are super fast and the picture is outstanding. There is a lot of potential here if they can clean up some of these issues.

I don’t know exactly what happened with the camera. The primary problem appears to be battery related. It got super hot trying to charge it and I would get notifications literally every second telling me the battery is low. This would go on for hours. I tried the usual troubleshooting from factory resetting it to trying different power outlets to different wires and chargers. Nothing worked.

I got 7 months out of this camera making it not a total loss. I decided to take it apart and either see if I can fix it or at the worst see what it is made out of.

with the cover removed

Based on what I saw I assumed the cover was held on with glue. I took a heat gun to it to soften up the glue and then I would try to peel it off. It turns out that was a dumb idea. All I managed to do was melt the plastic and discolored it even further. You see, I only got one cover so this one didn’t have a cover. When you live in the Caribbean that sun is extra hot and the white had already started to discolor. I just accelerated it.

Since the heat gun didn’t work I decided to take a screw driver to it and try to pry it off. That actually worked. The camera consists of a few pieces. The covering which is split into two and a round plastic enclosure. Inside that enclosure is your battery, sensors and circuit board. To get into that enclosure it only required the removal of a few screws.

As you can see there is a circuit board (seen above) and a lithium ion battery (seen below). The battery you see below is what I think my problem is. If you look on the battery there is a model number and it is made by a company called AEC.

I was able to match that model number to a PDF list of inventory for AEC. The catch is this is a Chinese company. I just opened the camera today but I need to check a few more sources. I don’t speak Chinese and I’m unsure I can order just one battery.

I’d like to also post a video and an update to if I can get this fixed but I want to mention once again that I am pleased with VAVA and while this camera system needs some maturity it has a lot of potential. I’m also a huge fan of Wyze and will use their new wireless camera in place of this one that died. Currently I have been using my wireless Wyze camera for time lapses of the sunrise down here.

Unable to upgrade Yealink T46S

I have been having a lot of issues upgrading Yealink phones. Specifically it is the upgrade path that 3CX wants you to use. I had one system with v15 and another system with v15.5. Now they are both on v16. However, v16 has been out for many months and in that time there has been some more firmware updates.

I like updates and am very adamant about keeping everything up to date. The problem is Yealink and 3CX only lists the latest firmware. Now, since there was a middle firmware that was released between v15.5 and v16 I need to upgrade to that one first before I can go to the latest version.

In case anyone needs it here is the firmware that I couldn’t find a link to: This firmware is needed in order to upgrade a T46S from 66.83.x to 66.85.x.

Private Internet Access (PIA) 2020 and WireGuard

Since Private Internet Access (PIA) started to use wireguard I have been amazed at the speeds I have been getting. For the record, I don’t have speed tests ran to compare against openvpn. What I can tell you though is it connects faster and appears to use much less bandwidth.

They also seem to be improving their infrastructure because the reliability I have been getting is significantly improved. I’ve been with them for 3 or 4 years now and just recently started to use it on a near daily basis. I use it mostly to bypass content filters but sometimes it works for geo-filters. You know – because there are a lot of stupid people in IT who thinks the USVI is NOT part of the United States and they block us.

I’ve noticed over the past few months that there are a varying price changes. Their base rates are $9.95 a month down to as low as $2.69 a month if you pay for two years. I am on the yearly plan for $39.95. The 2 year plan didn’t exist years ago. I’m not sure if it was introduced when PIA was sold or I just didn’t pay attention. I do want to mention that I am hesitant to change my plan to the 2 year one. While I haven’t had any issues with PIA there are a lot of bad stories out there for many other VPNs.

Back to WireGuard. WireGuard is only a few years old and only recently was added to the stable kernel for Linux. While more research has to be done on it all signs point to it being faster and possibly eve more secure than OpenVPN. More secure in the sense that the code base is far and away smaller making it harder to sneak in malicious code. Since PIA has had wireguard in beta I have only had a disconnection or two and that was during the beta period. I’ve had no issues since. Normally, I am on the ATL or FL servers. Ping times are around 30 seconds which is really good for me.

I should mention that if you are happy with OpenVPN you don’t have to change. If it works for you then great. Keep in mind that the overhead is significantly more. If you were having troubles maxing out your speed then I would strongly suggest trying Wireguard.

Outlook in Office 365 hangs When setting up an account

Outlook in Office 365 kept hanging and wouldn’t add an email account on a fresh install of Office 365. It took me almost an hour of troubleshooting. I went through the normal steps. That included running a repair, trying a new profile, removing office credentials in windows and recreating the ost file.

The other thing I tried to focus on was Office activation. It said it was activated but when you opened Word the sign in button on the top never changed. It would ask you to login and when you did the Sign in remained.

This lead me to believe that it had something to do with activation even though it said it didn’t. My searching came up with a suggestion to edit the registry. After looking at the entry I didn’t think it would work. Sadly, I was wrong.

A post on Microsoft’s answers had the solution. At the time I was not sure what ADALatopWAMOveride was but it worked.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 16.0 \ Common \ Identity

Name = DisableADALatopWAMOverride
Type = DWORD
Value = 1

Just add the above key as a DWORD and then go back to Word and sign in. Once you are signed in then go to Outlook and it will pick up the correct credentials.

ADAL or WAM authentication is Azure Active Directory Authentication Library and Web Account Manager. ADAL is needed for MFA. I did confirm MFA was not turned on for this user’s account. We also have a hybrid AD environment which does appear to cause some quirks.

After reading some more information about this issue it sure does seem to have something to do with your hybrid AD in some form. I’m sure we may experience some issues with that key in the future but it at least is working today.

You’ll need a new app to open this ms-screenclip link

You’ll need a new app to open this ms-screenclip link. Isn’t that just the greatest sentence in the world? Doesn’t the clarity just jump out at you? If I had mentioned it was an error message I bet you would be even more enthralled. Unfortunately, it’s as clear as the Mississippi river.

This is an error message from the Microsoft program called Snip & Sketch. Snip & Sketch is the replacement for Snipping Tool. It is definitely a better program but error messages like this are no good.

It all started when I upgraded Windows to version 2004. At first Snip & Sketch wouldn’t open. Reinstalling it from the Microsoft store got the program to open but the shortcut didn’t work and neither did the new button.

This went on for many weeks. I spent hours going through online forums looking for an answer. I thought maybe it was registry related because the only solution that people said that worked was to reinstall Windows using the Media Creation Tool. I was not about to do that. Prior to actually finding the correct answer someone had mentioned something about some apps needed to be reinstalled and never should be removed. Too bad the post didn’t go into any details and the link provided wasn’t specific enough. I tried powershell commands, I tried advanced options. I tried everything I could find.

Thankfully this thread helped the most. Basically the user used DISM to reinstall a bunch of apps. What you want to do is open an elevated command prompt. Windows key, type CMD and then click “run as administrator.” Copy and paste the below into the command prompt. You can do it all at one time.

DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:App.StepsRecorder~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:DirectX.Configuration.Database~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Microsoft.Windows.MSPaint~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Microsoft.Windows.Notepad~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Microsoft.Windows.PowerShell.ISE~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Microsoft.Windows.WordPad~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Print.Fax.Scan~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Print.Management.Console~~~~
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Windows.Client.ShellComponents~~~~

After it installed these apps snip & sketch started to work again. I’m not sure which one of these was messed up for me but it didn’t hurt anything to reinstall them all.

I couldn’t find this thread by just searching for the error message. I think it’s because the error message in that thread is captured in a screenshot and not in text. The correct search should have been “Snip & Sketch Windows 10 2004 Issue.”

Hopefully having this posted in another location will help those that run into the same problem.

Error 018-759 Xerox Workcentre 5335 SMTP

I was having a lot of issues getting SMTP to work on Xerox. Specifically this Xerox 5335 that I have here. I was trying to get it to work with Office 365 specifically. However I kept receiving error 018-759. Let me tell you right now that Xerox is not very good with documentation. Even on the new Versas they will give you the error message and nothing else. On top of that it might be something completely different.

For instance, I can’t remember the code but Xerox’s documentation on the internet states its a failed sensor but maybe it’s just a stuck paper. Want to guess which one it was? The answer is neither. All it wanted was for you to choose the paper size for a scanned document. Now the weird part is nothing was being printed. Something was being scanned. How does it get stuck paper or failed paper sensor out of picking the wrong paper size? Frustrating!

Back to the latest issue. I have included a pic of the settings that worked for me. Also verify that the time on the printer is correct and that you are using the latest firmware.

Lastly, my big issue was the “Login Credentials for the Machine to access the SMTP Server to send automated emails” section. SMTP AUTH is required yet every time I selected it and saved it the thing reverted back to NONE.

Here was the key for me and it took hours and I never found this info on the web. Turn on SMTP AUTH from the control panel directly on the printer and not on the web gui. Even though I upgraded the firmware in this process the problem still lingered. This is an older machine so hopefully there aren’t too many out there.

Caddy is Interesting

Ars Technica was talking about Caddy yesterday. It is web server much like Apache or Nginx. Well, maybe not much like but it is a web server. I have actually heard of it before. I think it was a Medium article. It talked about using Caddy with something as a front end and ghost blog as the backend..I don’t really remember. It just sounded so complicated for a simple blog.

I wouldn’t mind trying out Caddy but doubt that I will. I’ve given up on Apache pretty much and I try to run Nginx on just about everything. It runs fast and I am pretty good at it now.

Apache annoyed me a few years back compared against Nginx. If it has improved to run comparably faster then congrats but I just am much more comfortable with Nginx now.

Anyways, the point I am really trying to make is others can come out and be better than what they are replacing but sometimes it really isn’t good enough or you need to run a lot of other packages to get even better speeds.

I need something that will blow me out of the water much like Nginx did. At first Nginx was confusing to me and I didn’t get it. Now it feels it has simplified with age while maintaining it’s speed and ease of use.